TRAIL: Burnt Peak
LENGTH: 9 miles one way from Lake Elizabeth Canyon, 18 miles RT
DIFFICULTY: Moderate to Difficult
Burnt Peak
DESCRIPTION: Burnt Peak is quite noticeable, as it is the highest peak in this mountain range. It is also affixed with many radio towers, so it is unmistakable. This point is a great spot to camp overnight, do the return the next day. The area is covered with Manzanita and Ceanothus in bloom in the spring, and conifers and incense cedar year-round.
HOW TO GET TO THE TRAILHEAD: Take I-5 North to SR 138 towards Palmdale. Turn Right onto Pine Canyon Road. Turn Right onto Service/Fire Road 7N23. You can park here for a longer hike, or proceed in your vehicle up the service Road that you will see on the right, marked 7N23. You can follow this road up for several miles until you see a trail on the right side. Follow this trail up to Burnt Peak. Look for the towers from the Electronic Site on the top.