TRAIL: Magic Mountain Proposed Wilderness/Old Miner’s Trail
LENGTH: 2 miles-can be adapted to be longer
DIFFICULTY: Easy to Moderate
Magic Mountain
DESCRIPTION:  This hike has some of the best views of the Santa Clarita Valley.
The Magic Mountain area is characterized by sloping chaparral and Manzanita blanketed hillsides and live oak canyons that drain into the Santa Clara River. Just the drive alone is worth the trip.
The trail was an old mining road that traversed the western face of Magic Mountain. Now, it serves as a good opportunity to venture into the past. This trail is hilly, becoming slightly more downhill (uphill on the return) after the first half mile. You will go through mostly dry terrain, chaparral, and sage scrub. In the canyons and drainages, you will encounter a few oaks and sycamores. Again, this trail provides excellent views to the west and north. Keep in mind that in summer there is little shade, and it is all uphill on the way back.

You will be able to see the entire Santa Clarita Valley, as well as the Sierra Pelona and Tehachapi’s to the north.
HOW TO GET TO THE TRAILHEAD: Exit SR 14 at Sand Canyon Road. Proceed South on Sand Canyon. Continue on Sand Canyon into the Angeles Forest. Look for a hairpin turn to the left marked Santa Clara Divide Road. If you reach the point where Sand Canyon becomes Little Tujunga Road, you have gone too far. Turn left at Santa Clara Divide Road. Follow it to the gate. Turn left onto the road beyond the gate and proceed to the top of the mountain where you will see an old nike installation site. It is fenced and off limits. Please respect this no trespassing area. Park. Continue on foot on the dirt road. There will be a service road to the right, around the corner of the installation. This is the Old Miner's Trail. You can go for many miles on this trail, intersecting other fire roads if you wish. Just remember, it will be all uphill on the return!