Trail: Condor Peak

Length: 8 miles, 16 miles RT

Difficulty: Difficult - Strenuous

Condor Peak





Description: You have a choice of two trailheads for this hike. This is a lovely, but tough hike. There is a new nesting pair of Condors on this peak, so you may see them gliding around the thermals up above. The trail zigzags up the divide between Vogel and Fusier Canyons, goes along a high slope, and a creek (usually running in the spring), and climbs the high ridge between Vogel Canyon and Fox Creek. You will eventually hit Fox Peak, after a steep climb, then ascend to the ridgetop firebreak to the summit of Condor Peak at 5,439 feet.


How to Get to the Trailhead: Take the 118 Freeway to Sunland Blvd. Exit. Turn Left. Turn Left on Mt Gleason Avenue, which becomes Big Tujunga Canyon Road. You will reach a parking area opposite the Vogel Flat Road intersection at 7.25 miles. One of the trails begins here. Walk 150 yards up the highway to a small culvert on the left side of the road. You can pick up the trail here where it enters chaparral, then bear right up the slope, cross a low ridge, and drop, then climb around a small canyon just above the highway.

 A newer trail begins 1 1/2 miles further up the road. Cross the highway from Grizzly Flat clearing, and walk about 30 yards back. The trail is easily seen winding up the brush-covered slope. This newer trail is longer and more difficult.