Trail: Mount Pinos Summit-Chumash Wilderness

Length: 2 miles one way, 4 miles RT

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate





Description: This is an easy 2 mile one way hike up a service road to the summit. It is made more difficult due to the altitude. This trail is through a pine forest with lots of wildflowers from late spring through summer. Coyotes, deer and grey squirrels are common sights. The air is clear and clean and you can hear the wind through the trees. Below the parking area to the right of the Wooden Nordic hut is a gorgeous meadow filled with Douglas Iris in late Spring. This is worth the little side trip to check it out.

HOW TO GET TO THE TRAILHEAD: Drive North on I-5 to the Frazier Park/Mt. Pinos exit. Turn left. Follow this road for about 18 miles to the end. Park in the lot. If you're looking at the wooden Nordic hut, the trail is slightly up the hill on your left. Go through the locked gate and you're on the way to the summit. You can also connect to the Chumash Wilderness from the summit if you want a longer hike.