Trail: Golden Valley

Length: 2-4 miles one way-4-8 miles RT

Difficulty: Easy ++ with some gain

Golden Valley

DESCRIPTION: Golden Valley has largely been an unexplored area because most folks don't realize it is there. There are no signs to mark the trailhead, and trails have not been developed in the area. However, there is a fire road that rises from Placerita Canyon Road to the ridge. There you will have the opportunity to traverse the ridge to the right or left and enjoy the views of Placerita Canyon from one side and the Golden Valley Development/Santa Clarita Valley Corridor from the other side. Trails will eventually be put in at this location. For now, respect this wild area and stay on the service road. This area is filled with lots of wildflowers in the spring, including Mariposa Lilies, California Poppies, Desert Bluebells and Mustard.

HOW TO GET TO THE TRAILHEAD: From SR 14, proceed South on Placerita Canyon Road. At 3.5 miles you will see the Walker Ranch Trailhead sign. Continue just a little beyond this sign until you see a white locked gate on the left side of the road. This is the entrance to Golden Valley. You will see the road rising to the ridge. Park. (Be sure to check parking restriction signs in the area).