SCHEDULE FOR Novem­ber 2015

Novem­ber 7, 2015 — Arroyo Seco/Gabrielino Trail to Brown Moun­tain Saddle

Dis­tance: 8 miles total, Round trip

Gain: Very lit­tle (except for last mile com­ing back up to the cars)

Rat­ing: Mod­er­ate (except for the hill but you can take your sweet time with this)

Descrip­tion:  This is a beau­ti­ful hike. We first descend 1 mile down to the Arroyo Seco river level. Unfor­tu­nately, you need to go UP on the way out!  It is 4 miles out and 4 miles back with plenty of shade, very lit­tle gain, to a turn­around at Brown Moun­tain saddle.

Car­pool­ing: If you wish to car­pool to the trail­head, meet at Towsley Cyn in the park­ing area in front of the gate at 6:30AM for an 6:45AM SHARP depar­ture to the trail head.

Direc­tions to Towsley Cyn (Car­pool meet­ing spot):  Take the I-5 free­way to the Cal­grove exit. Exit. Turn towards the west. (Right if you are com­ing from Valen­cia, left if you are com­ing from the San Fer­nando Val­ley) Fol­low the road around, go through the sig­nal, and turn imme­di­ately into the dri­ve­way for Towsley Cyn.   Park in the out­side lot and look for your leader in the lot). Please help your car­pool dri­ver by con­tribut­ing a lit­tle toward gas.

Direc­tions to the Trail head:   Take the I-5 South to the 210 East. Exit on the 210 at Wind­sor. Make a left at bot­tom of free­way ramp. Drive until you get to a park­ing lot on the left hand side.

Leader: Ola


SUNDAY Novem­ber 8, 2015 — L.A. River Clean Up, Stew­ard­ship Event

Descrip­tion:  This is not a hike but it will be a blast!

We will be wad­ing in the WILD PART of the L.A. River. It is team­ing with wildlife, expect to see Herons, Egrets, and other birds, so bring your cam­era.  We’ll decide after the cleanup If we all want to go to lunch, eat on the river bank and take pho­tos, or just head home to shower.

Car­pool­ing from Santa Clarita Val­ley:   Meet at Towsley Canyon Park­ing Lot, out­side the Front Gate.  Meet at 7:30AM for a 7:45AM SHARP Departure.

Direc­tions to Meet­ing Spot:  Take the I-5 South to Los Feliz. Exit. Take the East­bound off-ramp and almost imme­di­ately look for park­ing.  Park and look for the “A Runner’s Cir­cle” Store

Address: 3216 Los Feliz Blvd, Los Ange­les, CA 90036

Meet­ing Time at the Store: 8:30AM — look for us on the lawn just to the West of the store.  We will walk to the river together.

Wear: Waders, rain boots or water shoes, old clothes that you don’t mind get­ting wet and dirty, a sun hat, sun­screen and shorts.

Bring:  A towel for dry­ing off, a change of clothes and hand wipes.  Bring water, snacks and a bagged lunch if you plan to hang out for a while to enjoy the river.  Alter­na­tively, bring $$, if you want to go out for lunch after­wards.  BRING YOUR CAMERA.   Kids 12 — 19 years old are wel­come to help and earn com­mu­nity ser­vice hours.    NOTE: We will have gloves and trash bags avail­able for you to use.

Leader(s):  Dianne

Bonus:  We will also be blessed to have a friend of mine Brad Rum­ble, who is on the board of direc­tors of the L.A. Audubon Soci­ety to ID all the birds for you!    So, this should be an edu­ca­tional day also!


Novem­ber 14, 2015 -  NEWER HIKE with great VIEWS -
Five Deer trail from Arte­sian Springs Camp to Mar­tin­dale Ridge Road

Dis­tance:  10 Miles RT (out and back)

Gain: 1200′ Approx.

Hik­ing Time:  5 hours

Rat­ing: Mod­er­ate ++ (for dis­tance and a few steep hills)

Descrip­tion:   This is a beau­ti­ful new hike.  We start at 3800′ (2600′ higher than Santa Clarita Val­ley) with a view of Bou­quet Reser­voir. We hope to catch some breezes / views as we hike in the Ange­les National For­est.   After a 30 minute drive from Santa Clarita, up Bou­quet Canyon, we go off-road and drive 2 miles on a for­est road to start our hike at Arte­sian Springs camp.

Hik­ing along a lightly used sin­gle track moun­tain­bike trail, we pass through old growth chap­ar­ral and peri­od­i­cally dip into shady canyon doglegs.  Along the way, we hope to enjoy wild­flow­ers, views across the reser­voir to Grass Moun­tain, the Sierra Pelona below, and later Mt. McDill.  If it is a clear day, we may be able to see all the way East to Palm­dale and North to the Tehachapi Valley.

After pass­ing an inter­est­ing rock out­crop­ping, we arrive at our turn­around point on a ridge line with panoramic views of the Sierra Pelona area, Vasquez Rocks and Agua Dulce in the dis­tance.  Here we will break for a snack/ lunch under a huge shady oak.

Meet your Leader to Car­pool to trail­heads:   In the Santa Clarita Best Buy park­ing lot (26531 Bou­quet Canyon Road ) at 7:30AM for a 7:45AM SHARP departure.

Direc­tions from 5 Free­way to the Car­pool meet­ing spot:   From the I-5 free­way head­ing North toward Cas­taic, exit at Newhall Ranch Road (Route 126), head East up an offramp along Newhall Ranch toward Valen­cia for 4.4 miles to the inter­sec­tion with Bou­quet Canyon. Turn left at the light and left again at the next light into the Best Buy park­ing lot (26531 Bou­quet Canyon Road).  Meet the group in front of the Best Buy store entrance.

Car­pool­ing from Bou­quet canyon Best Buy to trail­head:   NOTE: We will drive 20 miles up Bou­quet Canyon to the For­est road 6N08 gate.  Then we drive 2 miles East from Bou­quet Canyon, along 6N08.  It is a rough road, so to be sure, we will need high clear­ance vehi­cles (i.e. SUV/ pick ups) , but not nec­es­sar­ily 4WD.  I had no prob­lem at all with my Sub­aru Out­back.  We need enough of this vehi­cle type for the car­pool, oth­er­wise every­one is going to have to get very “friendly” or left behind.  So, if you can help con­tribute to this spe­cial car­pool, please let me know ahead of time, so I can ensure we have enough space.

Dogs:  OK, must be on a leash and if well behaved around other dogs and peo­ple with hik­ing poles.  If you bring a dog, please plan to drive your­self in your SUV to the trailhead.

Leader:  Steve i.


Sat­ur­day, Novem­ber 21 — WELCOME BACK ONE OF OUR BEST HIKES! Fish Canyon to Piano Box, led by Dianne!

Dis­tance:  8 Miles RT (out and back)

Gain: 1000′ Approx.

Rat­ing: Mod­er­ate (for dis­tance and some steep hills)

Descrip­tion:   This is an amaz­ingly beau­ti­ful area with 37 endan­gered species. It is prime yellow-legged frog and Arroyo Toad Habi­tat. Bring your cam­era. Not only is the area beau­ti­ful, but you might see some of the endan­gered species along the way. Please stay on the trails here, and watch where you step dur­ing the river crossings.

This is an 8 mile total, out and back hike, to Piano Box . The only major hill is the asphalt road com­ing back up to the cars. It is fairly level the rest of the way. The hike starts on the asphalt road, moves onto a dirt road at the north end of Cas­taic Lake and fol­lows Fish Canyon.  The trail here is inter­spersed with por­tions of the old cement road from the 1930s. Then we split off the main trail for the trail to Piano Box, a beau­ti­ful sin­gle track wooded trail.  We will snack and rest at Piano box and have ample time to enjoy the canyon walls of red­dish rock before returning.

Meet:    At the trail head at 8:00AM for an 8:15AM SHARP departure.

Bring:  Lunch, lots of water (2 — 3 liters), snacks, hat, lay­ered cloth­ing, cam­era, hik­ing poles to help at water cross­ings are recommended.

Wear:  Hat, sun­screen, shoes with good tread. If we expect water cross­ings due to con­di­tions, we will update you on Meet Up.  When there are cross­ings, water shoes are rec­om­mended due to algae build up (and ‘cos there are 24 water cross­ings we may encounter, if the creek is run­ning high). If you do not have water hik­ers, we sug­gest you wear boots or ath­letic shoes that can get wet and bring a change of shoes/socks for the return trip home.

Adven­ture Pass: Not required.

Dogs: Ok, if on leash and well behaved around other dogs/ people.

Direc­tions to Trail head:   Take the I-5 Free­way North from Santa Clarita. About 6 miles north of Lake Hughes/Castaic, exit at Tem­plin High­t­way. Turn right at bot­tom of ramp.  Fol­low this road all the way until it ends at a closed white gate/ con­crete bar­rier. You can park along the road, we will meet at the white gate.

Leader:  Dianne


Sun­day, Novem­ber 22, 2015 — Con­dor  Micro-Trash Clean Up, off Tem­plin Highway

Today we’ll be pick­ing up trash and tiny pieces of glass (Micro-Trash) that con­dors tend to ingest.  Remov­ing micro-trash from their for­ag­ing areas helps keep the local con­dor pop­u­la­tion safe.  This activ­ity is suit­able for kids over age 7 to adult. We will be work­ing north of Cas­taic, at a site off Tem­plin Highway.

Direc­tions:  Take the I-5 to Tem­plin Hwy, turn right at bot­tom of ramp (East). Within 1/4 mile, look for a small white sign that says “PPSI”, on the right side, and a dri­ve­way.   You can park on Tem­plin High­way or drive down the steep driveway.

Wear:   Loose cloth­ing and com­fort­able shoes. Boots are not nec­es­sary. If it is a cool day, bring a jacket.

Bring:  Water, snacks, kitchen stool/ step/beach chair,   gloves, small plas­tic bags/ tup­per­ware type stor­age con­tainer, or a plas­tic “big gulp” sized dis­pos­able drink­ing cup, and a trash bag for larger items.

Dogs: Please do not bring dogs.  There are a lot of sticky/ prickly plants that will get caught in their coats and paws. These stick­ers are painful for them.

Leader: Dianne


Novem­ber 28, 2015 — Easy Fam­ily Hike up Whit­ney Canyon to the site of the water­fall cascades

Dis­tance:  ~ 4.2 miles total — out and back.

Gain:   Almost none

Rated: Easy, suit­able for new­com­ers and young families.

Time:  About 2 hours

Descrip­tion: A beau­ti­ful mostly flat 4 mile hike, along a river bed with shady oak trees along most of the route.  This is such a pleas­ant and easy “out and back” hike that you do not have to leave the kids or dog at home either.

Your hike starts along a dirt road, but after about a half mile, becomes a sin­gle track — all the way to the site of a nice lit­tle water­fall. The water­fall will not be flow­ing at this time of year but that will make it easy for your leader to scram­ble up a short dis­tance with the more adven­tur­ous ones to show you a series of rocky water­fall cas­cades. Expect to see squir­rels, wood­peck­ers and other birds that like this ripar­ian habitat.

Bring:  This hike is short but you might like to bring a snack to eat at the water­fall, water (~1 liter), sun protection/hat.

Dogs:  Allowed, if on a leash and well-behaved around other dogs and people.

Meet­ing place:  Meet at the Whit­ney Canyon trail­head (by the gate) at 8:00 AM for an 8:15AM SHARP depar­ture down the trail.  We should be back by about 10:00 — 10:30AM.

Direc­tions: From Valen­cia, take the I-5 Free­way south ; from San Fer­nando Val­ley, take 1–5 free­way North. Get on the SR-14 North and be ready to take the first Exit — Newhall Avenue. Take a right at the fork on the off-ramp. and when you reach the stop sign, turn right. This will lead you quickly into the Park and Ride that is adja­cent to SR-14 (Note: Do not con­fuse this with the tree-lined Park and Ride a 1/2 mile down on the North side of Newhall Avenue).  Park­ing here is FREE.

NOTE: If the Park and Ride is full, you may have to park in the MRCA lot (Put $7.00 in the metal box to avoid a Ranger ticket).  It is wise to come a lit­tle early to secure a park­ing spot in the Park and Ride.

Look for your leader at the green MRCA gate by the green sign at the top/left of the Park and Ride.

Leader: Dianne