Saint Fran­cis Dam Fundraiser
The St. Fran­cis Dam broke on March 12, 1928 send­ing a huge wall of water from San­ta Clari­ta to Ven­tu­ra, killing peo­ple and ani­mals, dev­as­tat­ing agri­cul­tur­al land, homes and busi­ness­es in it’s path. Four hun­dred and thir­ty one peo­ple were killed in that flood. Few escaped. One hun­dred and fifty one peo­ple who were iden­ti­fied and buried, do not have headstones.

Our Goal: Is to pur­chase and install head­stones on each of these graves. The cost is around $250 per head stone, which includes instal­la­tion. We need to raise the mon­ey for this project, and we need your help. Any dona­tion, no mat­ter how small will be helpful.

Dona­tions: Please donate through Pay­pal or send a check to Com­mu­ni­ty Hik­ing Club, 24820 Fourl Road, Newhall, CA 91321. You will get a tax-deduc­tion let­ter so that you can take your dona­tion off of your tax­es. (Please include your email, your phys­i­cal address, full name for the tax dona­tion letter)

By March 2018: Our goal is to have all of these graves marked by March 2018, the 90th year anniver­sary of this disaster.

St. Francis Dam